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Collection - 01/20/2014


THOMAS SABO celebrates joie de vivre with the launch of the new Karma Beads! Inspired by a positive attitude towards life and an appreciation of the beautiful things in life, the new jewellery range is a manifestation of positive energy. The key piece of the collection, the lovingly detailed ‘Wheel of Karma’ and the 72 different Karma Beads designs allow wearers to create diverse jewellery compositions that express any Karma style. Complementing the Karma Beads, THOMAS SABO has developed a new necklace and a bracelet crafted from 925 Sterling silver, opening up completely new creative possibilities.

This is how the Karma Beads are worn: The Beads, or the ‘Wheel of Karma’, are added to new bracelets and necklaces made from 925 Sterling silver, which are fastened by means of a bead element. The beads are added as desired, with stopper elements varying the position of the beads on the bracelet. Regardless of whether adorned with just one bead or ‘fully loaded’ – the result is always a very personal item of jewellery.

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